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It’s All in the Details – how to add to the map…


Adding Videos, Sound Files or Something More?  Do it with the ‘Plus Sign’ (+)on this map.

If you’re a bit confused, head back to the main page for a simple add, or check out more detailed information below on how to add your post to our live, collaborative river map:

How to Add the Details

1) Zoom in on the location you want Rex to shout about with the buttons on the top left of the map. Or locate your spot with the search bar in the bottom-right.
2) Then click the ‘Plus’ button (+) in the top right corner.


3) Type in your school name, then click on the ‘Map Select a Location’ link . This lets you click on the map for where you want Rex to appear. You can type in an address, but sometimes Rex isn’t great with addresses.


4) Click the PREVIEW button to make sure he’s in the right spot. If he’s not, you can highlight and delete all those numbers in the coordinate boxes and re-click on the ‘Map Select’ link to try again.


5) Now that Rex is where you want him, fill out the other stuff.
→ Under the DETAILS tab you can write ideas, thoughts, a poem, short essay, or a description of the media Rex is shoutin’ about. Add a good school email so we can respond to you.
→Under the MEDIA tab you can add a picture, sound file, or a youtube video link.

6) Finally, click SUBMIT, and Rex will check out what you have to say and shout about it on the map within 48 hours.