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Leah Shamlian

Leah Shamlian

Leah Shamlian is transitioning to post-collegiate competitive rowing while working with environmental compliance in Seattle and Alaska. Leah first teamed with OAR Northwest during the 2014 Adventure: Mississippi River expedition. She is looking forward to combining her love of water issues, rowing, and the Pacific Northwest with an excuse to live off of peanut butter.

Rachael Mallon

Rachael Mallon

Rachael Mallon has spent the past few years in varying landscapes across the U.S. as an outdoor and science educator. Rachael got involved with OAR Northwest behind the scenes of the the 2013 CWF Africa to the Americas Expedition. She is excited to explore her childhood backyard from a new perspective and to inspire students to do the same.

Expedition Support


Jordan Hanssen

Jordan Hanssen is an author living in Seattle, Washington. Jordan is a founding member of OAR Northwest and has been captain on all five OAR Northwest expeditions through 2014.


Greg Spooner

Greg Spooner is a physical therapist living and working in Seattle, Washington, and sunny San Diego, California. Greg is a founding member of OAR Northwest with experience in the field and as team manager for four expeditions, including two ocean rows over the past eight years.



Rawr! Rex is an exceptionally well traveled Tyrannosaurus Rex. He has been OAR Northwest’s team mascot across the North and Mid Atlantic Oceans, down the Mississippi River, and was once lost at sea. His icon is your avatar on our Adventure: Mississippi River and Adventure: Columbia River crowd sourced maps. Post to the map make Rex a happy dinosaur.