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Stop, Collaborate, and Listen!

rex science no backgroundTeach us something on our crowd sourced Map! Click the “How To” icon to the right to learn more about the interactive Adventure map and how to post to it:120720-how-to-icon1 Rex marks the spot!  Rex the Rower is the OAR Northwest mascot and is YOUR avatar on the journey down the river. The map on our home page is a ‘Crowd Sourced’ map–that means lots of people (including you!) participate in filling it out. Join our rowers and scientists in creating a rich visual and interactive map of sample collections, river pictures, videos, campsites etc. Rex is your, your fellow students, and teacher’s mouthpiece on the river. The more ‘Rex Posts’ you see, the more interactive the map is with students and teachers like yourself. Our goal is to create a map with information about the Mississippi and Columbia river and the land, water, and community that surrounds and depends on it. Help us learn about your community, and through that, the beauty and complexity of the entire river. We want your input in the form of youtube videos, pictures, blogs and audio. Once you input them, they will be approved in 48 hours or less, depending on the crew’s location and weather conditions. Click the Rex icon to start! (this icon takes you to the home page map).

logo_en-1 Webinar Hosted by the Canadian Wildlife Federation 120720-how-to-icon1Click ‘How To’ to learn when they are happening, what subjects they cover, how to join, participate, and view: Join the crew live for one of our four online discussions (hosted by the Canadian Wildlife Federation via Adobe Connect) throughout the length of the trip. A webinar is an online multimedia chat room where students, rowers, teachers, scientists and experts can interact with one another and share knowledge. If you want to join but won’t be able to make the designated meeting time, send us your question and we will post the webinar afterwards on www.rowboatclassroom.org for your viewing.  

ViewEdocIzaak Walton League – Creek Freaks Program Wanna get more in depth with the science of conservation, and participate in a year-round, country-wide program examining watersheds across the country? We’ve got your number. You want to get your hands dirty and do some science? Get down to your local stream and begin your very own data collection project to map and study the health of your local watersheds.120720-how-to-icon1 Our curriculum partners over at the Izaak Walton League of America have a program for you. Creek Freaks, an Izaak Walton League project, was developed in partnership with the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program and Coastal Program, and U.S. Forest Service, emphasizing the collection of specific scientific data about your local streams and creeks.

IMG_3482Ask the crew a question! 120720-how-to-icon1Click ‘How To’ to get the information you need to contact the crew: The rowers are your ears and eyes in the boats on the water with access to some really smart men and women with lots of fancy letters after their names, experience in the field, and most of the time both. Although we will be busy on the water throughout the day, our goal is to reply in 48 hours. Ask us anything from how to prepare for a trip like this, to questions about water quality, history, etc. There is no such thing as a stupid question! If we can’t answer it, then we will find the answer and we’ll both have learned something.  

IMG_3043What to expect from the blog: We’re on an adventure! We will be covering all topics with the blog; from our day-to-day routines, the unexpected, the story that unfolds traveling down the river, science, history, culture, the people we meet, and how we engage life on the river. You will see corresponding dates with the curriculum lessons. Our goal is to cover these subjects through the lens of our river trip to try and bring a real world experience to the classroom. We will be covering these various subjects roughly around the dates mentioned in the curriculum calendar, however, as learning does not happen symmetrically so we may jump forward or back if we find particularly good examples along the river that do not necessarily correspond to the dates – so be aware. The crew rowing on the river are also the guys filming, taking pictures, blogging, running social media, fixing the website, running logistics, administration and newsletters – Please bear with us if things don’t work as smoothly as they might in an office! We run our content with two iPhones, an iPad and a car battery. Although we will strive to do more with the resources available, our goal is to guarantee the following minimum weekly content:

  • Rowboat location every 48 hours
  • 2 blogs
  • 3 to five images/ tweets/ FB posts