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Fun fact: We measured the wind at 29.7 mph today.

Day 18, Oct. 9

Fame’s fickle fancy has favored us again! With much fortitude, we foray fearlessly into the fringes of fate, fighting fatigue and fierce critters with every footstep….

Okay, enough of the alliteration, we did not drag a thesaurus with us on this boat and I have failed to find one on the banks of the river (so far, anyway). Basically, what I’m sort of saying is that we’ve had awesome luck with school visits so far. Also, we made the front page of the Wenatchee World and somebody recognized us this morning.

The visit to the Nespelum School happened on Day 8 (right before the bear night, thus the delay in writing about it). Rachael, pro environmental educator that she is, had an exciting trick about fire to show the kids, which was super applicable because we had been seeing a lot of scorched ground lately. Plus, what kid doesn’t want to play with fire during school hours? (Well, me, actually, but that’s why I was on standby water duty.)

Then, this past week, Rachael and her friend Kai (who was standing in for me as I disappeared to Seattle for a few days) paid a visit to Osborne Elementary in Leavenworth. I was not there so I can’t relay an observation about that, but the article on it in the Wenatchee World  was super nice and had some sweet pictures. So really I guess Rachael has accumulated more game than me, the slob.

And some guy we ran into on the river this morning – actually, not just some guy, the author of several books about the river – recognized us from the article!

Fame does no good when the wind picks up, though. Let that be a moral lesson, I suppose, because we spent the entire afternoon on the side of the river opposite The Gorge Amphitheater, and there wasn’t even a concert going on.

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