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Questions sent to us from our first school – Evergreen School in Gifford, WA.

 Q: How does it feel to travel from Canada to the Pacific OLeah with Evergreen Schoolcean in a rowboat? Is it scary?
Leah: I mean, that’s a whole lot of miles and a whole lot of feelings to sum up in a brief answer. Is taking one rowing stroke after another after another very scary? Nah. But there are some scary moments.
Rachael: Recently, I’ve been feeling really small. It’s a really big, long river and in comparison, Leah, our boat, and I are all really tiny. Feeling tiny can be scary sometimes; for example, when there are big waves, or big ocean cargo ships!

 Q: How has the weather been?
R: Since we saw you at Evergreen (Day 3 of our trip!) we’ve had everything. Hot, sunny, windy, rainy…
L: Oh boy. At the moment? Very rainy. But that’s a recent thing. Most of it was desert-y and hot, which is not my favorite thing. I’m very happy to be out of the sun.

Q: What place would you like to go back and revisit when you have more time?
R: Northern Washington! Now that we’re in bigger cities, I miss being in places where it was just us, the boat, water, mountains, and trees!

L: The Gorge, for sure. The combination of water and mountains and evergreens and fog is my favorite scenery, and minus the whole wind thing (which is not really our favorite), I really loved rowing through there.

Q: How do you feel about rowing now?
R: Most of the rowing we did in college was short, fast sprints. My body is better at long, slow distance, so I like this kind of rowing better!!
L: Hi, my name is Leah Shamlian, and I always love rowing. My body might need a brief respite after this, but I’m looking forward to going back to racing.

 Q: Did you ever get your fishing licenses? If you did what kind of fish did you catch?
L: No we didn’t! Also, I’m super obnoxious about the fish that I eat and would drive Rachael insane looking up stats on local fish stocks, anyway.
R: Its true. I found freshwater mussels one day and she immediately got on her phone to see if they were safe to eat (‘No, Rachael they have too much heavy metals!’). 😢

Q: Did your rowboat ever get away from you when you slept at night?

L: Can I not answer this? The closer we get to the coast, the bigger the tides get, and I like being able to sleep at night without worrying about losing our boat.
R: To translate ‘Leah-speak’: Not yet (knock on wood…)! We always tie it up at night, so it doesn’t float away.

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